So the question was raised tonight by my friend, Jeff Smith, who was recently purchasing socks, cushion-crew socks, more specifically. Anyway, they were Hanes and came in a package of six which touted the feature that the package was resealable. Here in lies the question: Why would you need to reseal your new socks? Do […]

Don't these people know I don't actually do work here?

Apparently not because I’m insanely busy today at work and have been most of the week. This is really getting in the way of me posting unimportant tidbits about myself and generally keeping up with the web. But I am getting in some quality music listening with my guilty pleasure. and now back to my […]


I just tried on my “backup” dress for my trip to Mardi Gras to attend the Orpheuscape Ball and it fits perfectly. 🙂 Dressing up for a formal occasion is one of the true joys in my life. At some point, I’ll ruminate and gather my thoughts on formal occasions and rant about them. Now […]

Starting today…

A webmistress sans her own website is ironic. But this isn’t really a “website”, so I’m going to remain ironic and become cliché by starting my own blog. I need to put in a link to something, so I’ll thank Jeff Utech for inspiring me to use this technology for something useful. Today, I’m making […]