Friday Five

from Friday Five: What was your most memorable moment from the last week? This has been a pretty hum-drum week for me personally. Nothing really leaps out at me. *thinks* I had some comedic drama surrounding buying some fabric online after my local Hobby Lobby had sold out. What one person touched your life this […]

What is it?

What is it with me that I can’t accomplish very much anymore beyond making lists and attempting to organize stuff. I’m caught in an anal-retentive circle to nowhere. If I posted on my blog as much as I sat and started at the bookmark on my browser to open it up, I’d be very prolific. […]

and my inspiration was…

Currently I’m becoming swept up in decorating my recently reclaimed bedroom. My roommate, Carly, moved out this weekend in the final preparations to her upcoming nuptials on April 5th. So now I have a bedroom and and office. I’m taking the opportunity of having the empty room and no rush to move stuff into it […]

Friday Five

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog as of late, maybe the Friday Five can spur me to more regular posts… 1. If you had the chance to meet someone you’ve never met, from the past or present, who would it be? Define “meet.” Seriously, do I just get to shake hands and move on or […]

Its been 2 weeks…

Since I saw Harry at the most amazing concert experience during Lundi Gras. Its been over 2 weeks since I have touched my blog. Currently, my nose is bleeding, its really warm outside and I think we’re going to war. I need a little longer to gather my thoughts…