Friday Five

How are you planning to spend the summer? I’ve got a couple of bridal showers and a wedding. I hope to get to Chicago for a weekend to see the Leroy Jones Quintet and visit a friend from high school. I should probably email him to tell him I’m planning on dropping in… Anyway, other […]

Analyze This

Saturday morning, at sometime after 6 AM, I had the following dream: It starts out with me with me and my Ankeny girls [12 girls I knew from chuch camp during high school] and we are headed to a baby shower for Sophia [a woman I know from, who is actually pregnant]. But we’re […]

Friday Five

1. What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never have? Go to Egypt and see the pyramids. Be on The Amazing Race. 2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest? Always? No, but that’s only because I can think of this one instance with a friend who […]

Pet Peeve of the moment

People who put you on speaker phone even though its just the two of you talking because they are too lazy to pick up the actual handset.

Dilbert-esque Crap

Several months ago, for reasons that I will never understand, my company had new stalls put in the women’s restroom. The toliets are still the same, but they replaced the old walls and doors with new ones. There was nothing wrong with the old ones in any way, but apparently someone in central services decided […]


If I blogged as much as I thought about blogging, I’d be writing novels each day. But I obviously don’t. I have a real problem getting things posted. I want posts to be witty and interesting and timely. But I put so much pressure on myself to do these things that I never get anything […]