Pick me up from the bottom Up to the top love everyday Pay no mind to taunts or advances I take my chances on everyday Left to right, up and down love I push up love love everyday Jump in the mud Get your hands dirty with Love it up everyday All you need is […]

Muted Tones

Today feels a little strange. No one is really online. Jeff went to the US Open this morning. I’m actually being productive at work while reading some TWoP recaps between odds and ends. The weather is overcast and its supposed to be another sweltering August day in Iowa, yet its absolutely freezing in my cube […]

You've been at the last few quartet shows, right?

While a picture is worth at least a thousand words, I’d need about 14 pictures to really say everything about my four day trip around the midwest to see and hear six sets with Harry and his quartet. At the suggestion of Jerry, I’m going to copy and post the loooooonnnnnggggg reviews that I wrote […]