Michigan State always makes me nervous. A lovely university and campus. A quality marching band. But their football team freaks me out. And right now my nervousness is totally founded as its 14-0 Michigan State over the Hawks in the first quarter. *breathes deep* *has faith*

Focus, Part Deux

Embracing the concept of the “Six Most Important Things to Do Today” list wholeheartedly, I am semi-pleased to report that I went 2/6 on my work list and 4/6 on my personal list. This concept of making a list in the evening of six things to do the next day appeals to me because I’m […]


I cannot seem to focus on anything as of late. I have all these things to do but I just can’t keep my concentration one thing long enough to complete it. Have I developed ADD? UPDATE: I have now checked two items off my “Six Most Important Things to do Today” list. Small steps.


Tonight I was packing up some items I sold on I was using standard issue bubble wrap, envelopes and some packing tape. Should’ve been simple, the worst injury a person should be able to sustain from such a venture would normally be a paper cut. But when are things ever simple? No, I managed […]

And the award goes to…

Friday evening I received an email telling me I had won a gift certificate to the Fleur Cinema & Cafe in Des Moines. It was a drawing from the subscribers to their email newsletter. Ironically, I’ve never actually been to the theater before. Well, not since it used to just be the Fleur Theater years […]