After three days of searching, I finally found the cords and controls for my electric mattress pad. Another one of those “little things in life.” If you live in a climate that gets nice and brisk during the fall and winter, I highly recommend one for your bed. I love to turn it on before […]

Worst. Mascot. Ever.

That would be the poor person who has to wear the sad brown rug that is the Nittney Lion costume for Penn State. You can actually see the person through the open mouth in the head. It is so ghetto. And even more unfortunate for Penn State, we (the Iowa Hawkeyes) beat them today 26-14 […]

Thanks, Apple!

Rock star! There is now a Windows version of iTunes and the Apple Music Store. I am so so excited! Being a Mac person trapped in a PC world at work where I most access my music and mp3’s I am LOVING that I just ditched RealPlayer and imported my 15 days worth of music […]

Birthday Resolution

Happy Birthday to me! I’m going to give you all a gift and pay more attention to my blog from now on. Sorry, no gift receipts or exchanges available. Tons has been going on with me and I’ll try and do a recap after this weekend. I’m leaving town right after work tonight for a […]