Make a mental note

When you are lounging in front of the tv after an entire day of food and football, come 9pm central time on Thanksgiving day, flip the channel to NBC and watch the “Harry for the Holidays” special. If you look close in the group of people sitting behind the drummer and bass player, you might […]

Rather Conflicted

My inner fan doesn’t know what to do right now as I jump up and down and scream when Michigan scores touchdowns against Ohio State! Go Michigan!! But its early in the 2nd quartet yet and I’m sure Jim Tressel’s deal with the devil is still in place so we’ll see how overjoyed I am […]

It is concerning

when at 3:40pm on a Friday your boss sends you an email regarding a project you got left in charge of because the rest of your department is gone early today, that contains the phrase: “We need to talk. . .what are you doing this weekend?” and you know that that is not a social […]

over my head

At this very moment there is a man on painter’s stilts towering above my cubical here at work. He’s been in the area for the past two days. Want to know what he’s doing? We don’t get Christmas/end-of-the-year bonuses and have the lamest company holiday party ever, but they are paying some guy to… wait […]