The big 4

The last 4 awards still remain. It should be two more for LOTR, one for Charlize Theron and then who will get that pesky Best Actor award? Will it be Sean Penn, will there be no upsets at all this year or will Johnny Depp get to surprise us all? Here comes Tom Cruise to […]

3 hours in…

Sophia and Francis Ford Coppala come out to give tells us Adapted Screenplay, ah the “family business” joke. LOTR:TROK picks up number 9! Dude!! Its going to win everything its nominated for!!! 10:31pm : PJTC = 13 Peter Jackson finally gets to speak. Look at the hobbitsess… Toby McGuire introduces Seabiscuit. I still need to […]

Welcome back…

Will Ferrell and Jack Black. Oh no, they are presenting Best Song. Let the hilarity begin. They are going to sing lyrics to the music that they play to get people off the stage… You’re boring… Props for using the word “lollygagging.” When are these two doing a movie together? I’m really not sure who’s […]

British Invasion

Sting and Phil Collins come out and acknowledge the conductor and the orchestra down in the pit then get on to giving the Best Original Score award. LOTR:TROK picks up Oscar number 6! Annie Lenox is very happy. He shares the award with the many musicians and vocalists. Annie Lenox is still very happy. 9:58pm […]

2 hours in…

12 awards still to give… Oprah. Damn. That’s a huge bow on her butt! She introduces Mystic River for Best Picture. I haven’t seen this movie. It sounds like such a downer. I’m just not a huge fan of realistic and sad dramas. Diane Lane, wow shiny! and John Cusack, always like him. They get […]

SNL Alumni

Billy introduces Bill Murray who introduces Lost in Translation. I love Sophia Coppola, I need to see The Virgin Suicides. And now we get Scarlett Johanson to introduce the nominees for Makeup, and again, I completely expect LOTR:TROK to win. Though someone should get something for putting that eyeliner on Johnny Depp in Pirates. Richard […]

What are the stars thinking?

Billy does the “what are they thinking…” bit. *cackle* “Pussy Galore… I just got it…” HA! Billy doing Robin is always funny. And so is that sentence. 😉 Will & Jada, she is still bitty. They present Visual Effects and its so going to go to LOTR:TROK, because, honestly, kids, wouldn’t you be suprised if […]

My Movie Drops…

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller come to pimp for their new movie, Starskey and Hutch and present for Live Action Short film. Ah the category that no one ever sees. Sometimes the Bijou will get them all and show them together later in the spring. Two Soldiers wins. How nice for these people. Great speech, […]

Making an entrance

RenÈe Zellweger just came down the stairs in her very regal white gown to introduce Costume Design nominees. And LOTR:TROK wins. I like this trend. And I love the dress that Ngila Dickson is wearing, an asian style in black with a white wrap. And Richard Taylor just mentioned his wife and some rat in […]