Harry was to be playing at the New Orleans Jazzfest this afternoon. A few people I know had gone down to NOLA for the fun. Well, the weather is sucking and the festival is canceled for today. That’s sad for all those music fans. I flipped on to to hear what they were saying. […]

Suggestions Wanted

I’ve recently rejoined NetFlix and am in the process of filling up my movie queue. I’d like to ask you, the web reading public, what your favorite movies are or something that you think a person just MUST SEE! in their viewing life. Is there a movie that was a favorite as a kid, or […]

iTunes 4.5

Today Apple has given us a shiny new version of iTunes, version 4.5. I’m super excited. Downloading now for my stupid PC. I’ll let you know how I really feel about it later today. What? You don’t already have iTunes? *gasp* What are you waiting for?? Its free and its spectacular!

Post-Tappa Thoughts

Just back from tap with D, only a month until our recital. Mark your calendars! Friday, June 4th! In a week, I’ll be seeing Harry in Kansas City. That is a good thing. There might even be Johnny G to add to the general insanity of the experience. I’m pretty much settled into my new […]

Still Looking

I’m still hunting for the flash card reader for my digital camera, but I broke down and used the USB connection direct from my camera. A bit slower interface, but iPhoto rocks the party that rocks my body no matter what. Family photos from this weekend are now available. I’ve also added the final photos […]

The Weekend that Was

You’re looking at how I spent most of my Saturday, changing my blog template. I did enjoy sleeping in until 10:30am, something I haven’t done in a long time, it was nice. Highly recommended. Caught a bit of the first round of the NFL draft. Great to see Robert Gallery be drafted #2 overall and […]


I’ve got a good bit of the new look in place. I’ve increased my CSS knowledge a lot. I need to tend to the right hand column some more, but I’ve got to get up off the couch!