More and final photos

I finally finished captioning and posting the rest of my photos from Wales and the wedding. 236 total! And I didn’t even post them all! Ah the beauty of digital photography. A lot of the story is told through the captions, but tomorrow I’ll finally finish a bit of a trip write-up.

Arriving in Manchester

I’m feeling surprisingly refreshed considering my body should think its 2:46AM rather than actual morning walking around time. No airport problems. I actually even left early. D picked me up at 11am and dropped me at the CR airport by 11:30. My flight wasn’t scheduled to go until 1:20pm or so, but the ticket counter […]

And I'm off

I’m walking out the door to go to Wales in 30 minutes! There will be lots of blog content when I get back. I’ve just been swamped with web work lately and haven’t had a chance to form any good thoughts.


I am trapped in a bad dilbert comic strip. Actually, its so ridiculous it probably wouldn’t even make it as a strip. Its a tragic tale of good vs. evil, windows vs. UNIX, process vs. getting things done. My boss is going to start taking hostages if I don’t first. But a week from today […]

Friday: Now with 100% more quizzes than yesterday

You are a GRAMMAR GOD! If your mission in life is not already topreserve the English tongue, it should be.Congratulations and thank you! How grammatically sound are you? WAAAAAHH!! You’re inner Bombshell is the zanyLucille Ball! You like making people laugh, butalso know how to turn on the glamour when thetime is right. To most […]

It's Almost Showtime

This afternoon D and I had a warm-up performance for our dance recital tomorrow night [West High @ 7pm, if you’re bored]. We performed a duet for the students and faculty at her school. The gym floor was a tad bit slick, but we pulled it off. Dress rehersal is in a little bit. This […]