Reason #138 Why I Love Jon Stewart

I didn’t actually see this, but Jon Stewart was on Crossfire on CNN and he completely took the media pundits to task, it is nothing short of rock star. Read the transcript, Stewart comes onto the show about half way through and just destroys the two other people on the show. Example line: STEWART: You’re […]

The Oscars : Now with way more attitude

Just announced: Chris Rock to host the 77th Academy Awards I’ve been catching reruns of one of his old HBO specials on Comedy Central lately. He’s so funny and so biting, should really mix the broadcast up. And make the censors completely freak out. Heh.

Just sad

From the DI: Dancer Herky, which was sponsored by Dance Marathon and sat in front of the IMU, and Reflections of U, sponsored by the UI Alumni Association and once situated north of the Pentacrest, were removed and damaged beyond repair by a group of unidentified vandals, said Rick Klatt, an associate director of athletics. […]

8 days…

until my birthday and for those of you who win the lottery between now and then and want to be generous, please pre-order me one of these: Sony plans to introduce a TV-PC combo that can record an entire week of programming from six channels simultaneously on four 250 GB hard drives. The device includes […]