Trace the Race

The Amazing Race, Version 6.0 started last night. For those of you who were as taken with Iceland as I was, Icelandair has a travel package that traces the route of the first leg of the race.

The day after

I don’t really know how to put this post together coherently. These are more snapshots of random thoughts being put out there to just get them out of my system so they don’t manifest in any bad way by becoming snippy with friends. I am sad today. An emotion I don’t have very often. And […]

And the winner is…

I’m out perusing the various news sites to see how they look before they get jumbled up with data and crap and so far, I think that the election coverage pages are the most well-designed ones out there. Good graphics, but not too cluttered. Well-designed icons will lead to as clear a picture of […]