Book 7 : Honeymoon

The latest thriller by James Patterson (and some random extra writer in small letters at the bottom of the cover) is typical Patterson rollercoaster; it goes really fast, its really fun and a little scary, and after 15 minutes you can’t really remember what exactly happened. His standard formula: crazy psycho twisted serial killer pursued […]

Book 6 : Postmortem

Always looking for the next great mystery series to add to my reading repertoire, I took TracyA’s recommendation and started the Kay Scarpetta mysteries by Patricia Cornwell with Postmortem. It was an enjoyable first book. I will admit I put it down and read two other books before I finished this one. Mostly because they […]

183 days

I’m officially completely over basketball. Let the pre-season football hype begin! CBS Sportsline has Iowa ranked Number 2. The begining of the article is enough to make any Hawks fan beam with pre-season excitement: OK, OK, I believe. After underestimating Iowa all these years, it’s time for some love. Lose Robert Gallery? No problem. No […]