Quizzes to give my life continued meaning in this post-Star Wars time..

Your Star Wars Name and Title Your Star Wars Name: Wende Mialb Your Star Wars Title: Arocho of Renniks Your Star Wars Name and Title Star Wars Horoscope for Libra You are on a lifelong pursuit of justice and determined to succeed. You convey the art of persuasion through force. You always display your supreme […]

The Saga Ends

This morning I saw Star Wars : Episode III. I went with Wil and Stacey in Davenport and we had a really great time. I tried to post this from my phone, but it wouldn’t go through for some reason. Apparently, the Force wasn’t very strong with me… Here it is, the last line I’ll […]

A long, long time ago

In about half an hour, I’m off to see Episode III. My days of avoiding tv commericals and half the links on the internet are over. Last night I stayed up until nearly 1am watching Episode II. I don’t think I had ever watched my dvd version before. Love that Yoda light-saber scene. Loved when […]