Happy Mardi Gras!!

No, I’m not actually in New Orleans today. This is from Mardi Gras morning last year with my friend Tracy (who isn’t in costume because she had to be responsible and take an early flight out that day to get home to teach). I hope everyone has a great Mardi Gras day. Wear some beads […]


I got my new backup drive yesterday and after it thawed out for a few hours, I hooked it up, eager to copy all my precious data off my old, ill drive. Unfortunately, the old ill drive is now in critical condition and won’t mount on my desktop and share its data. I ran a […]

The End!

I finished up the list with a marathon of five movies in 24 hours.The last on the list were, How Green Was My Valley, Sunrise, Cavalcade, Wings, and The Best Years of Our Lives I can’t believe I’ve finally finished this list! Now I can officially go to the Oscars!