bleh. sick.

I wasn’t feeling too hot at work yesterday afternoon, so I came home early and cat-napped part of the afternoon/evening. I was freezing most of the time, despite it being warm in my apartment and me wearing several layers of clothes. I finally warmed up when I went to bed and slept decently, but I […]

No more days

I just folded and turned on the heat in my apartment. It was 65 degrees when I got up this morning and it wasn’t that chilly post-shower. Mac has been looking extra fluffy the last couple of days. Earlier this week, it would be chilly in the morning but have warmed up by the time […]

on notice : UPS

Grrr. Arrrgh. Weep. Last Wednesday, October 3rd, I took a framed item to The UPS Store in Coralville to have shipped to my Uncle Ron for his birthday which is tomorrow. And even that wasn’t easy. I went halfway through my lunch break intending to go to the Mailboxes, Etc. store that is downtown Iowa […]