100 Things

For my final NaBloPoMo post, I present the ‘100 Things’ list that I have honestly been composing off and on in my head for the last three years. Final purge! I collect spoons. Chocolate mint is my favorite flavor, but please, none of that fake green ice cream. My first food was Cheerios. I still […]

freaked out again

My vet finally called me back (she was in surgery) and she’s very concerned that Mac isn’t eating or drinking much. Apparently, I should have started syringe feeding her last night when she wouldn’t eat much on her own and I should not have left her be for an entire day. Now I feel like […]

Mac update

Just got off the phone with the vet at the clinic and he wants to keep her longer, until this evening at the earliest. I called in last night around 11pm and this morning around 8am and both the technicians I talked to had some amusing things to say about her demeanor. One woman said […]

Sick cat

MacGyver is spending the night in the animal hospital getting fluids and antibiotics and having some other tests done. She was still not well this afternoon and had a few more issues, so I took her to the emergency room. They did blood tests, X-rays, and checked her blood pressure. Everything is a bit messed […]