The saddest post

If you didn’t know by now, I had my sweet baby fluff, MacGyver put to sleep on Thursday afternoon. Her last afternoon at my apartment I know its been almost a week now, but I’m realizing that I didn’t actually post here and put out the news and some people are out there still wondering. […]

This may be it

It’s 3:20AM and I’m still awake post ‘Indy 4.’ The movie was fun and I enjoyed it a lot. It was kind of ridiculous at points, but still a great way to revist one of the best movie characters ever. Harrison Ford beats up a lot of people and that never ceases to amuse. I […]

Update on my Macs

I twittered about it last week, but here’s what’s going on with MacGyver as of 5:20pm today: On Thursday morning, I dropped her off at the vet clinic for observation. I am constantly amused when I walk in with my pet carrier and declare that I have MacGyver for a visit and all the people […]

Mac Update

Mac snoozing a few moments ago Over the past two weeks Mac’s appetite has really fallen off. She had a check-up at the vet eight days ago where the vet checked her for thyroid issues and other things. At that time the vet explained to me that studies have shown in very elderly cats that […]

not a good sign

Its raining quite heavily here today (my umbrella suffered an unfortunate injury on the way in from the parking lot). But I wasn’t prepared for how hard it was raining until I went to walk out the door of my apartment building. There was a duck huddled next to the door looking in through the […]