Mac snoozing a few moments ago

Over the past two weeks Mac’s appetite has really fallen off. She had a check-up at the vet eight days ago where the vet checked her for thyroid issues and other things. At that time the vet explained to me that studies have shown in very elderly cats that once they start really losing weight, the cat usually has at most two years left. Mac has lost nearly a pound in less than two months and when you only weighed eight pounds to start with, that’s a lot of weight. I really don’t think she has two years left in her, I’m hoping she makes it to her 20th birthday at the end of August, but after the past week, that might really be a stretch. She’s just skin and bones these days, though she still bathes regularly and her coat looks pretty good with my supplemental brushings. Every time I’ve taken her to the clinic, all the vets and vet techs have marveled at how good she looks for her age.

She’s just barely eating this past week. She still goes to her dish in the morning and in the evening, but if she eats anything, its just the tiniest amount. She’s not even getting half a pouch of food in her a day and I know that’s just not enough to sustain her. I’ve given a go of syringe feeding her like I did over the winter when she was ill, but it is such a battle, though it shows she still has fight in her. (My poor shredded fingers bear truth to that.) She’s definitely lethargic now. I really didn’t think she could get anymore inactive than she already was, but she has.

She’s stopped using her litter box and instead urinates on the underpads that I have always put down in front of her box to catch any messes. At least she’s only peeing there and not all over the place. I don’t know if she just can’t get in the box anymore or what. Unfortunately, I came home tonight to find blood in her urine. This happened last fall when she was so very sick so I’m worried. I had made the decision that I wasn’t going to take her back to the vet for the decrease in appetite and activity because I thought that was just her way of letting go. She doesn’t seem to be suffering and contentedly purrs away on my lap when I pick her up. But the blood concerns me, so I’m going to take her back tomorrow and drop her off for observation in the morning. Hopefully the clinic can get a urine sample and see if there is something that might account for the decrease in appetite, or just confirm for me that I’m doing the right thing in letting her be in the waning days.

I’m mostly calm about this, but yet ready to really lose it. I’m supposed to go to Chicago on Friday night to see Eddie Izzard with Scott, but I think I’m going to overnight the tickets to him just in case something happens and I don’t want to make the trip.

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  1. ((((Wendy))))…..nothing to say but I feel for you. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. Let yourself grieve when the time comes and cherish your memories of your beautiful cat.

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