I twittered about it last week, but here’s what’s going on with MacGyver as of 5:20pm today:

On Thursday morning, I dropped her off at the vet clinic for observation. I am constantly amused when I walk in with my pet carrier and declare that I have MacGyver for a visit and all the people in the area all go, “Oooh, MacGyver” with various levels of trepidation and/or amusement in their voices. Her reputation (and the thickness of her medical chart) just continues to grow. She was at the clinic for the day and the vet found that she had a bladder infection and suspected that was most likely the cause of the “out of the box” urination and the loss of appetite. She prescribed some Clavamox and told me that Mac would most likely be hungry when she got home since she hadn’t eaten that day. I hoped for the best. When I got her home, she did go right for her dish and eat more than she’d eaten in days. Unfortunately, that pattern wasn’t to continue. I started her on the Clavamox (2x a day for a week), but she still wasn’t eating.

MacGyver resting on Thursday evening

My mom was a good kitty sitter and came to watch her and medicate her while I was in Chicago on Friday night. Mac wouldn’t eat for my mom either. When I got home on Saturday night, she was even more listless and fatigued than on Thursday night. She wasn’t eating at all. She was starting to stumble around, which I assumed was from lack of food. It was sad. But she was still drinking. I started attempting to syringe feed her to try to get her to perk up. I was up all night with her on Saturday. She would get off the bed every couple of hours to go out and drink these tiny amounts of water over a long period of time. She would wake me up (and woke up my mom the previous night the same way) because she was having such a hard time moving that she would basically fall off the bed. 🙁 So I would get up, watch her drink, and then carry her back to bed when she was done. We did this every two hours or so from 11pm until about 6:30am. Then we slept a little while longer, but really I was waking up about every 20 minutes to see if she was still alive. I really thought it was going to be the end. But every time, she’d be breathing and purring.

At around 11am, I finally really got out of bed and realized I needed to make a decision about Mac, unfortunately, very little sleep was not letting my rational mind process as I wanted, so I called the vet clinic and rambled on to some unsuspecting vet tech. I then rambled my way to the decision I should take her back to the clinic. Mac still had enough fight in her to make getting her into the cat carrier difficult. Got to the clinic around noon and met what had to be the last remaining clinic employee who hadn’t yet met MacGyver. Thankfully, the vet, Dr. Brown, was very familiar with the temperament of my cat and could recognize that she was lethargic. Upon examination, Mac had lost another half a pound since she had been weighed the previous Monday, so that wasn’t good. She was also dehydrated, so the doctor presented a two-step plan to me.

The first step is to admit her to the emergency clinic and start her on IV fluids for a day or two, along with giving her the antibiotics via IV to rule that out as a cause of stomach upset/loss of appetite. The second step is, once/if she stabilizes and starts eating again, to do a biopsy (but not surgically) of her lower intestinal tract to try and figure out why she continues to have diarrhea. The thinking behind that is there might be a condition that is treatable that is causing her to have the problems with eating and her digestion. Her heart sounded good, which was a good sign, since she has had the problems with that before. I haven’t decided on step two for sure yet, we’re still working on step one.

It was a lonely afternoon and evening without her, but the clinic is great about giving you an update anytime you call. I’m lucky to have a great 24-hour emergency clinic close at hand. I called this morning and they were still syringe feeding her every four hours, but she was taking the syringe food well, so that was positive news. Before lunch, another vet (who’s seen Mac many times) called after doing the morning evaluations, saying she had just eaten a tiny bit of food on her own, but that they were continuing to syringe feed her and thought it would be best to keep her for one more day. The clinic did need one of her meds that they don’t keep on hand (I have to have it compounded at a different pharmacy in town), so over lunch I went home and picked it up and then went to the clinic to visit her. They were really nice about bringing her to me in an exam room and letting me spend some time with her. She was less than amused most of the time, but she seemed a little better. She was still a little unstable, but I wasn’t sure if it was because she was still weak or because the exam table she was standing on was so slick under her overly furry feet.

Here she is today, her head isn’t that big, its just a weird angle

I just got off the phone with the clinic and the news stays the same. She’s still not eating on her own and they’re still feeding her and she’s letting them feed her ok, though there was a report of her giving some “attitude”, which sounds about right.

I’ll see what’s going on tomorrow. If she really just won’t eat anymore, then maybe it is her time, but she just had too much fight in her for me to not make sure there isn’t something treatable causing it.

As for the other “mac” mentioned in the title: I ordered a new 24″ iMac today. More on that later…

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  1. I hope that Mac starts eating on her own soon! It is frustrating and heartbreaking at the same time when something goes wrong with a furbaby!

  2. This sounds like what we went through with Domino. But just when we were ready to give up, he made an amazing recovery after we brought him home. Keep us posted – we’re thinking of you!

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