The thrilling life I lead

I finally got my iPhoto library all archived and cleaned up into a much more manageable amount of photos. Now I’m working my way in reverse order back through 2009 and all the media that is in it.

First up, this very thrilling video of my new cat Starbuck playing with a ball while Mulder watches her. Or more like I’m playing with the ball and the cats are humoring me. Riveting stuff, I promise.

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3 Responses to “The thrilling life I lead”

  1. Jenniffer

    Nice background music!!

  2. Mom & Scurry

    Mulder is sooo lazy!!!

  3. pam

    Why do cats always con us humans in doing most of the work? Starbuck is a cutie. Looks like they are getting along quite well.

    Re: Coben. Yes that was my first book of his. Really great. Any recommendations?

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