Snow day viewing

For LOST fans (don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the show… Will :P)

For those who love The Muppets’ Christmas:

And for those who liked the above clip:

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4 Responses to “Snow day viewing”

  1. Lisa

    Ok, I’ve watched every season, some episodes multiples times, just watched that rcap and I still have no idea what’s going on!

  2. Mom & Scurry

    Those Muppet clips are priceless. Thanks so much.

  3. Mom & Scurry

    Ok, Wendy, it has been three months today. Don’t you think it might be time to update your blog???

  4. Mom & Scurry

    Loving the new Flicker photos, now how about a new post? Or are you waiting until the end of Lost?

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