overheard in the rec building

Saturday was ripe with blogging fodder and I need to share this before I forget it. After the final rec show of the season, the members of the Hawkeye Marching Band were taking photos with their friends, their sections, their families, ect, before heading out to their last pre-game. It brought back memories of my […]

Another Big Ten Football weekend

The Hawkeyes managed to beat Northwestern at Evanston this afternoon. No minor feat considering it was Northwestern and things generally end badly there as well as the fact that we played as bad, or even worse, than we did in the first quarter last week. Thankfully, we pulled it together and got some great interceptions […]

Homecoming Highlights

Since several other people have already posted their post-Homecoming thoughts using actual sentences I’m just giving the rundown of the order of things from the weekend: Thursday night: eat (The Vine), drink (College Street), sleep Friday: shower, eat (Atlas), lounge (on the Pentacrest), drink (Gabe’s), march, eat (Pizza on Dubuque), march/drink (Joe’s Place, Dublin Underground, […]