100 Things

For my final NaBloPoMo post, I present the ‘100 Things’ list that I have honestly been composing off and on in my head for the last three years. Final purge! I collect spoons. Chocolate mint is my favorite flavor, but please, none of that fake green ice cream. My first food was Cheerios. I still […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m getting ready to head to bed after a lovely Thanksgiving day. My mom and I spent most of the day with the Steele/Vaughn/Reinertson clan in North Liberty. We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving meal and then the Cowboys won. This evening Mom and I watched The Blues Brothers as she’d never seen it all the […]

overheard in the rec building

Saturday was ripe with blogging fodder and I need to share this before I forget it. After the final rec show of the season, the members of the Hawkeye Marching Band were taking photos with their friends, their sections, their families, ect, before heading out to their last pre-game. It brought back memories of my […]